Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lou Proud dismissal from leading auctioneers after the disclosure of abuse, an in depth investigation by the Tribune of India

By Tribune of India reporter on October 16, 2017

As part of our series on racism and sexism in the workplace we report on another story which first appeared in The Jammu and Kashmir Times and Reuters. It has relevance to our asian readers as it highlights the lack of progress in race relations in the United Kingdom despite employment laws created to protect ethnic minority citizens from the racist abuse and intimidation that this story exposes. reporting by Anand Jaisingh with additional reporting by Jagdish Mehta and Reuters . A white English working class woman Lou Proud, otherwise referred to as Louise Proud, of Lou Proud photographs, a company recently dissolved in the wake of allegations of racial abuse of an asian art dealer which created much controversy in the incestuous London art world, has been the subject of intense reporting in Indian and British newspapers during the past 6 months. To some Ms Proud personifies the vile racist attitudes and behaviour that was commonplace 50 years ago throughout the UK. To her supporters which include her former attorney Charlotte Harris of Mishcon de Reya solicitors and Gabrielle du Plooy of Zebra gallery in London NW3 she is the voice of the maligned and marginalised white under class , the shell suited ‘chavs’ on council estates who derogate all ‘coloureds’ as ‘ Pakis’ and ‘ wogs’ who they claim are stealing jobs and housing from the indigenous whites. The full article can be read in the Times of India